Tenkara Style Net


Shipping to United States: $5.00


NEW LOWER PRICES. This net was designed for the Tenkara style fisherman but can be used by anyone looking for a unique net. It has a straight handle. It measures 25" long and has a 10.5" diameter round hoop. The net bag is about 12" deep and is made of nylon with .5" holes. I use a variety of wood for both the handle and hoop. Most handles are walnut, cherry and oak. The 3 ply laminated hoop typically is made of ash, aspen, maple, or birch with an inside strip of mahogany or walnut. If you have a handle preference, please contact me for availability. FLAT RATE $5 SHIPPING.

Reviews (6)


Wonderful net and wonderful service. The only place to go when you want a quality net!

I had the chance to take this net out and test it in the Western part of North Carolina last week and it was great. With the length of the handle I was able to net fish with ease. Not only is this net one of the best fishing nets that I have ever owned, it also looks like a piece of art. Very well made, a pleasure to use, and beautiful. Thank you so much for making such a great net. I will definitely be looking to get more as gifts for family members in the future.

The net was packaged carefully, shipped promptly, and arrived a day earlier than expected. Not only that, it exceeded my expectations. The woodwork is exquisite! In a lot of the streams where I use my Tenkara tackle the fish are small enough to land by hand, but this net is so handsome I'll even use it to land the smallest fish just so I can look at it. I can't imagine a lovelier picture than a brook trout in this net. Tom's communications and customer service are all anyone could ask for. A completely satisfactory transaction in every respect!

What a beautiful Tenkara style net you have created Tom. My net has a cherry wood handle. Perfect size and weight. I love it! Now I need to put fish in it, so off to Boulder Creek.

Tenkara net came in yesterday, a day faster than expected. Beautiful wood, lovely craftsmanship. Very happy with my purchase!