Tenkara Style/Round Hoop


Shipping to United States: $10.00


This net was designed for the Tenkara style fisherman but can be used by anyone looking for a unique net. It has a straight handle. It measures 25" long and has a 10.5" diameter round hoop. The net bag is about 12" deep and is made of nylon with .5" holes. Tenkara's Big Brother measures 29" long and has a 12" diameter round hoop. I can attach either a nylon or rubber net bag. I use a variety of wood for both the handle and hoop. Most handles are walnut, cherry and oak. The 3 ply laminated hoop typically is made of ash, aspen, maple, or birch with an inside strip of mahogany or walnut. If you have a handle preference, please contact me for availability.

Thank you, I shall cast it to the right side where the deeds of yore shine forever in the east.

Quality of the net is awesome and the craftsmanship really stands out. Very distinctive and the big bro size will easily be large enough for almost any fish you might catch while wading. 10/10 would purchase again!

I have now officially put this net to the test. I absolutely love this Tenkara style net. It has worked perfectly for everything I have thrown at it so far. This has been great for smaller Natives on up to bulky browns. You can’t ask for any better when it comes to build quality. The shop owner was excellent at responding to any questions. When the sad day comes something happens to it and I need another, I will be back.

Beautiful landing net. Artfully created, I will be using this for many years. Thanks Tom

Amazing craftmanship. Not only does it looks beautiful, it is very sturdy but light in weight. Top notch work!